Public Health in My Community

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&nbsp.There is also a clean and organized produce and wet market located at the center of town. People can easily reach grocery stores to buy the food they need. Some of the merchandise vary in cost. Some are cheap while others are relatively expensive.&nbsp. Regarding medical services, my community has several reachable clinics and health centers to provide medical attention to people. Unfortunately, most of these facilities are private institutions and do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.
Health insurance is also not mandatory and most people choose not to have any because of the cost. For mental health and substance abuse, the people in the community need to travel several miles to reach attention.&nbsp. There are enough industries that provide jobs to the people in my community. Together with this benefit, however, is the problem of pollution in the water and air. The effect of water pollution has been in the community for decades. Thus, the solution that has been recently implemented cannot yield results right away. It will take many more years before the waters in the community will be clear again.&nbsp.