Provision 7

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Provision 7 case study Relations of nursing and The nursing profession has become quite dynamic in the recent past. Many developments have been introduced to facilitate effective training of the nursing students (Masters, 2014). The case between Melisa and a senior student illustrates some of the challenges that instructors face and how they can be handled. The case demonstrates that nursing instructors should have a sound knowledge of personality types and human behavior. From the case, it can be identified that the student is experiencing a certain psychological problem that should be addressed immediately. Therefore, Melisa should devise an effective strategy to address the problem before it gets out of hand. The interaction of the instructor and the student will bear some influence on behavior perception. In this regard, Melisa should be vigilant when relating with the students to avoid development of negative attitude by the students. There are many approaches that the instructor can use to solve the problem facing the student and other difficulties facing the entire students’ body. For instance, the instructor can call the student in a private room or an open field where they are just the two of them and dialogue about the problem facing the student. Doing this gives the student assurance that the conversation is secure and that personal information cannot leak to a third party. After identification of the problem, the nursing instructor should prescribe the appropriate method of handling the problem. In addition, the instructor should refer the student to a professional counsellor to facilitate effective solution of the problem. In summary, nursing instructors should always be prepared to address both simple and complex problems facing the students, in addition, nursing instructors should engage in regular training to enhance development of diverse skills.Reference:Masters, K. (2014).Role development in professional nursing practice. Burlington, MA: Jones amp. Bartlett Learning.