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A research methodology, which is to be used for one research study, say, incidence of HIV in underdeveloped countries may not be applicable for yet another study, say, role of governess in children welfare, etc. So there is nothing like the best, or most suitable research methodology. “A Research on reading comprehension needs to develop alternative methodologies which have a more qualitative orientation.”
A lot would definitely depend upon the circumstances of the case study, its theoretical presentations, the research proposal and what exactly is needed to be achieved, through the proposed Research Study. Therefore, a lot would depend upon the availability of data, as is evidenced in the current study of the effects of e-commerce, on the developments of e-commerce in Russia.
The growth of e-commerce in Russia has not kept pace with the growth rate experienced in other parts of the world, especially UK, USA and other countries of the European Union. Due to lack of purchasing power by the people (27%), lack of people with needed infra-structure (25%), poor quality of telephone services, (18%), inadequate postal system in the country (16%) and other impeding circumstances, it has not been possible to carry out an extensive research as would have been necessary to fully analyse the impact of ecommerce in Russia in recent years. (Doern 2006, p.315- 327).
In the first place, the population sample concentrates of just the two big cities in Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow, have been taken for research purposes. Therefore it could be said that the study has limited itself to study of samples available in these two cities. It is necessary that in order to assess the impact of ecommerce on the economy of Russia, it is necessary to take an extensive study which encompasses, nearly all the major computer using population of the country.
It is seen that, in the first phase, the sample has been drawn from the