Protecting the Future of Nature

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The rates were decreased at higher elevations and males were larger than females. In addition, cutthroat trout in locations introgressed faster than those located in non-introgressed areas (Belk, McGee &amp. Shiozawa, 56-62).

In relation with cutthroat trout in Uintah Basin, the WWF (World Wild Fund) organization works toward the conservation and protection of endangered species. The goal of the organization is to utilize the very best conservation available and participate with the people to find solutions to the arising problem on our environment. The WWF has started in the year 1961 and almost a half-century now has shown the vital conservation of species and other natural resources. Therefore, the efforts have brought many animals back from the edge of destruction and bring benefits to local people through new livelihood opportunities and sustainable development. In contrast, human activities led to the current rate of species extinction which is at least 100-1,000 times higher than the expected natural rate. The destruction causes loss of species of tigers, rhinos and whales. The species and ecosystems are affected because they are all part of providing essential goods and services that make human life possible and have also contributed to health and well-being (Klenzendorf, n.p.).

In conclusion, conservation awareness. stimulation and funding really contribute a lot in places whose populations are threatened and endangered because of illegal hunting, logging and fishing (Klenzendorf, n.p.).