Prostitution Legal Or Illegal

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Prostitution is one of the most common social issues being faced by the whole world. It is the business of getting money in return of providing sexual services to other people. For human trafficking groups, prostitution has become a high revenue generating business these days. Many groups exist in different countries, which smuggle children and women to other countries for earning high amount of money. There should not be any law allowing people to use women for illegal sex because prostitution in any form is very disgraceful as it harms the dignity and status of women. It is very important to know the viewpoints of different feminist groups in order to get a clear picture of the issue of prostitution.
The topic of this research paper is that prostitution, in any form, should be held illegal by the government because it adversely affects the dignity of women
Prostitution and Feminism
Bartley (2000) states, Prostitution is a terrible strain upon civilization (p. 183). This is the general idea of majority of the feminists and other people these days regarding prostitution. Majority of the people think that prostitution is a worldwide issue, which harms dignity of women. According to Weisberg (1996), prostitution is the breach of women’s civil rights (p. 50). Prostitutes are not prostitutes by birth. rather different circumstances force them to become prostitutes at some stage of life. For example, some women are not strong financially and when they do not find any proper source of income, they get involved into such activities, which can earn them money to live their lives. Similarly, rape is also one of the main reasons for why women adopt the business of prostitution. When someone rapes a woman, the dignity of that woman destroys and she loses her respect in her family, which makes her a prostitute. One cannot say that it happens with all raped women, but in some cases, it does. For example, when the red army raped a large number of women in Berlin during the World War II, the reports related to rise of prostitution started to come within a couple of years of the end of the World War II. The reason behind the link between prostitution and rape is that when a woman is raped, the desires and charm of life end for that woman and she is left with nothing. In such situations, social and financial circumstances force such women to become professional prostitutes. The views of feminism regarding prostitution had not been the same in the past. O’Neill (2001) found that in the earliest stages of feminism, feminists used to view prostitution as a form of sexual slavery (p. 15). Since then, the view of feminists continued changing with the emergence of different groups of feminists. Every group of feminists has a different point of view regarding prostitution. Some groups say that it is totally against the social norms and values whereas some feminists say that it depicts the sexual freedom of women. If we talk about radical feminists, they view prostitution very negatively. Radical feminists believe that prostitution is a bad institution (Spector, 2006, p. 363). They believe that women are not