Propose a Method and Design

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More broadly will be based on three key motivations: 1. To study the impacts of high energy costs in the information and technology sector as well as the significance of adopting cloud computing technologies in the management of data centers. 2. To investigate the underlying concept behind cloud computing and the relations between various data virtualization techniques and other emerging technologies. 3. To determine the potential benefits of moving data centers to the cloud both in small and large organizations. The research will also seek to explore the potential use of cloud computing in the reduction of carbon emissions. Lastly, the research will also involve investigate the associated risks of adopting the use of cloud data centers as well as some of the available remedies to such risks. Research questions Generally the three main research questions are designed to bring light on some of the greater issues associated with the adopting of cloud data centers. 1. What are the current implications of high energy costs in the information sector and what is the potential significance of using cloud computing technologies to lower energy consumption? 2. What is the concept behind cloud computing and data virtualization? 3. …
For example, the selection of the respondents will be achieved by mapping out individuals who are either directly or indirectly engaged in the information and communication technology sector. For example, the chosen respondents who will participate in the research will primarily be selected from social groups and individuals who are working or participating in the ICT industry and are therefore well informed of the recent technological developments such as cloud computing. Interviews and questionnaires will then be conducted to determine their individual experiences with both the traditional data centers and the emerging virtual private cloud servers. Before administering interviews or questionnaires for the research, pilot tests will first be carried out, validated and checked to determine the reliability of the research methodology and design (Creswell, 43). Lastly, the questionnaires and interview questions will be developed based on the how the collected data and responses will be analyzed as well as how they are related to the main research questions. Interviews A purposeful sampling strategy will be used to select 20 respondents are required to participate in the research. Some of the potential individuals that will be selected to participate in the research include computer entrepreneurs, business managers and members of private data centers as well as their friends and families. The selected participants will then be divided into four groups of five respondents each. This will make it easier to compare the experiences of various respondents in relation to the topic of study. To minimize potential research biasness, both structured and semi structured interviews will