Properties of Human Memory

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For the process of memory storage, retrieval and forgetting what needs to be clarified first is the characterization of these terms and formulations. It has been specified that encoding (interpreting and perceiving) is the first step of memory processing which leads to its storage, the retrieval and finally in some cases forgetting. The proper retaining of information over a time period and its representation in the brain is called memory storage. The second process that is ‘memory retrieval’ has at many places been specified as the process of locating the required information and then recovering it for utilization. As for the verification of the term ‘forgetting’ in the memory system, it can be stated that the imperfection of the storage or retrieval system of the memory due to which the accuracy of any information cannot be gained is called forgetting.
Hence, for a presentation of the relationship of these terms and their assessment this paper will provide a detailed research and analysis. The paper not only publicizes this subject, but it focuses on one segment of the verification: the relationship between memory storage, retrieval and forgetting, and the implication of the memory system for forgetting. Furthermore, it raises a subject upon the explication with an orientation to the issue with advising basis of the review of the literature, because while most scholars may have ignored the subject of forgetting, its importance still remains absolute.
The memory system does not stand alone by the process of encoding. in fact, it is a procedure which is based on the processes of storage and retrieval. The reason that the aspect of forgetting is always associated with the memory system is that it plays an important role in the entire procedure. This process determines the processes of data storage when required, and their retrieval which if not possible is considered as forgetting. In order to understand the imperfection of the memory system which is represented through forgetting, it is necessary to evaluate the stages of storage and retrieval in detail.