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Sharks have long been credited to have survived more than any other species on this planet as they survived the ice age and maintain their balance, but the same animals are today on the verge of their extinction due to massive hunting by humans.About 6 years back, when I was 13 years old, I weighed nearly 100 kg. My father was concerned about my weight and put me in a weight loss camp where I was introduced to sports and eventually developed a love for the same and it helped me to lose 30 kg. From then on I have accustomed myself to play sports daily and the constant fear that I would gain weight goaded me to play more. I began playing street soccer which I found to be a really amazing game. I enjoyed the sport so much that I kept thinking about the team and sometimes even dreamt about the goals I had scored during my sleep. My team friends became closer than my family and we all endured the pain and exhaustion of the sport together. Continuous and fervent practice helped us become the second best team in the street soccer league and three of my friends had already begun to play for teams. One day we were playing with this Egyptian team who had come from Cairo, when I started to show off my tricks and moves specifically in the defense. My teammate Majdi was getting irritated with me as after scoring 2 goals I was no longer concentrating in scoring goals. He was always rough with me and so I just wanted him to feel bad. When he pulled my shirt I ran faster so that the referee would see and when he wanted to tackle me hard I jumped or moved from the ball, thus allowing others to see him and feel disgusted about him. In one instance I got the ball which Saud, my cousin, crossed over from the far right and taking the ball I did this trick while passing Majdi and Hassam, who was the other defense. I then passed the goal keeper and was walking slow as I wanted to go down and push the ball with my head when Majdi came