Promotional Strategy That Should Be Used in the Development of the Strategic Marketing Plan

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Since Guinness Ice is in a can form which makes it easy to sell in supermarkets, a 15-cents off coupon can be distributed in supermarkets especially during the introduction stage. During the growth stage a redemption coupon will be given. This tool is considered appropriate for the elder group category since they are traditionally more price sensitive. The ad’s main message will focus on the healthy side of the product i.e a light beer for customers preferring low carbohydrate but at the same time, the moderate consumption of beer will be promoted. The latter is based on the fact that a person that does not drink is 60% more likely to have cardiovascular disease versus a person who drinks moderately. The advertising campaign will include the following: television advertising because Guinness Ice is a consumer good, TV advertising reaches a broad spectrum of consumers and especially good for building brand image especially for products like beers where there is no actual product differentiation. TV advertising can be a compelling means for dramatically portraying brand personality. The TV is also very effective for reaching teenagers/young people. Print ads will be another tool for the advertising campaign. The print ads will appear in newspapers and magazines. In newspapers, because elder people usually read them and magazines because young people and women read them. Magazines have the additional benefit that the ads in them have a long life and there is a good pass-along readership. Billboards in public places such as movies, airlines, sports arenas, bus shelters and kiosks are also going to be used since there is a need to grab the attention of the consumer and it is in accordance with the product’s strategy i.e. reaching untapped market segments. Finally, there will be communication at the point-of-purchase i.e. in supermarkets and pubs. In supermarkets ads on the shopping cart, in-store trials and coupons will be part of the campaign.