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The products are marketed as a total solution to different hair and scalp problems and thereby act as market leaders in scalp care. Over the years from 1961 to current, ‘Head and Shoulders’ have slowly evolved as one of the best shampoos to fight perennial problems like dandruff and hair fall and also other types of scalp problems. Products marketed under the Dandruff category are further divided into three types like shampoo, conditioner and 2-in-1 for both men and women customers. Shampoos and hair products of Head and Shoulders generate a wide array of benefits to customers like generating protection to damaged and broken hair and also in making hair thicker, stronger and moist in nature (Procter amp. Gamble, 2014).Procter and Gamble, the company that markets Head and Shoulders operates as a multinational company in the consumer goods segment. The company aims at producing branded products that contribute in enhancing the lives of consumers along different parts of the globe. Value additions are generated in terms of innovating different product offerings to meet the changing needs of the consumers from time to time and in retailing the right quality and quantity of products to the customers (Procter amp. Gamble, 2014). Procter and Gamble is well known in terms of the global brands created by the company along which are marketed by the company along different consumer segments spread along 180 different countries. Current estimates related to Procter and Gamble reflect that the company through its operation baaed along 23 different brands earns the potential of generating a total sales revenue of around $10 billion. Another set of 14 brands tend to generate a total sales of around $1billion in an annual fashion. The rate of market capitalization for Procter and Gamble is evaluated to be greater than the Gross Domestic Product of a number