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Project Reflection – Walmarts CSR Affiliation: Corporate social responsibility by Walmart Company is relative just like in every other organization. After conducting the projects research, I am compelled to say that my standing on the acts of the company in relation to corporate social responsibilities has not wavered. In most cases, the company may be compelled to stop due the various reasons due to financial causes. The company may be compelled to reduce the social responsibilities due to low generation in financing activities. Still the staff may not want to get involved in the activities involving the external world due to the commitments arising from too much work in the office. Social corporate activities may be mush or the destinations may be several. In this case the firm has to make weighed decisions on what to accomplish, the rank of accomplishment based on priorities, when to perform and the methods that will be involved to achieve different objectives and activities.
Walmart Company is one of the famous firms whose activities in relation to social responsibility are sustained and recognized. In order to improve the corporate social responsibilities Walmart Company use different methods. These activities vary from monetary donations and money given to the poor and the unfortunate to community activities by non-governmental organizations to improve the lives of those within (Carroll &amp. Buchholtz, 2011). The firm acts with an aim to reduce qualms that are associated with the bad interactions with the external communities. Operations are performed in such a way that the communities in the outside are comfortable and enjoy the services.
The company is involved in the protection of the environment and engages in many activities relating to environmental sustainability such as planting trees, teaching individuals living nearby on good control of water, ways to reduce soil erosion and proper farming activities. The company is involved in many activities that promote the living standards of people and that encourage the works of various classes of people like the students. Not only do the neighboring communities benefit from its availability, but also, the far and reachable places benefit based on the donations that the company sends.
I continuously argue that the firm is a good corporate citizen. The ability to be involved in most activities relation to the external environment by an organization varies among firms and is influenced by many factors. Not all firms are able to work with the societies in which they live or even donate funds towards the realizations of the projects that the society wants to engage (Werther &amp. Chandler, 2010). In my opinion Walmart is a good corporate citizen. This is because the company does not operate on a biased way especially when asked to contribute. Good corporate citizenship involves being able to respond in time and with goodwill, being efficient and also balancing the organization’s proceeds with those of exteriors operations.
If most of these aspects were to be put on a weighing scale then Walmart company would easily rank among the highest. Most of the activities of the firm are carried on a differentiated basis from what is to be conducted outside. Good corporate citizenship also entails being able to pay the taxes of the company as and when they fall due (Carroll &amp. Buchholtz, 2011). These taxes are then reallocated and redistribution to the rest of the country so that there is equitable incomes. As a good citizen who is able to respond to many actions, the company ensures that a balance between these activities is maintained at all times.
Good corporate citizenship comes with advantages to the firms that are involved in such actions. Firstly, they do not loose goodwill from the society and thus the products they produce are always consumed. Secondly, the firm can obtain less taxes and even low rates from interactions with other firms. Thirdly, proper relations are created that ensure continuity and support from other entities. This is evident in the Walmart Company whose production continues to sail due to this good corporate citizenship and whose customers continue to increase as a result of proper marketing strategies.
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