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To test the reliability of ADVIA 2120 in revealing accurate red blood cell parameters is the interest of this study. Stricture is critical when providing clinically relevant data on patients with abnormal indices in red blood cells. Red blood cell volume and red blood cellular hemoglobin on specified samples has been found to be accurately measured using ADVIA 2120 flow Cytometry. It was also found to be capable of showing through a histogram variance around the mean in the two measurements.
The red cell matrix and the enumerated red cell sub-populations by their Hb and MCV indices or MCV variance are called the Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW). The cellular Hb variance is called the Hemoglobin Distribution Width (HDW). Increased RDW is commonly described morphologically as anisocytosis, and increased HDW is commonly known as anisochromia.

In addition to the location of the abnormal red cells on the ADVIA 2120 erythrogram