Project portfolio using Prince2 methodology

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The prime purposes of the project of P3 are to penetrate into the business markets of London and ensure long-term sustainability.With regards to the new product launch, the expectations of the customer will be mainly concerned with the quality of the same in alignment with the changing trends of the market in relation to similar aspects.The team structure of P3 mainly comprises highly skilled professionals possessing varied complementary abilities as well as skills that might aid will certainly aid in introducing the innovative product in the London business markets. In order to meet the specification of the customers of London, the product designing team of P3 will be responsible.In respect of developing the unidirectional microphone and speaker set product in the London business markets, the applicable standards will be mainly building the product in such a manner that complies with the respective needs of the customers.An effective organisational structure will help the Ramp.D team to obstruct mismanagement and improve productivity at large. Thus, in order to meet the quality standards with the customers’ specifications, the product will be tested through pre and post launch.From the strategic viewpoint, it can be inferred that P3 will remain highly engaged in ensuring proper care regarding the display of products in different stores through applying varied effective strategies including dust reduction and proper storage among others.With regards to maintain proper management and succession, P3 needs to get prepared for the technological reforms and communicate in regular manner with the development team for making future changes and improvements.Configuration management plan is effective in order to manage any possible change in internal along with external forces. Moreover, the written plan will be effective for the different department employees to understand their respective job roles.It can