Project Management The Grove Student Retreat Centre

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This essay focuses on developing of the Student Retreat Centre that will be built in an adjacent area to some residential buildings and existing commercial premises. The Client appointed the researcher as Contractor and nominated as sub-contractor Euroclad. The Contractor will prepare the site and complete the project, which will provide a three-storey building (ground and two upper floors) and over 2,300 sq m of space, a mix of multi-purpose areas to accommodate 250 people. The essay also describes the amenities that include an administration area (offices), 4 meeting rooms, a performing arts studio, lounge and outside community areas for customers, a spacious kitchen, computer room, library, 2 conference rooms, a student work area, student offices. The project will feature all the modern and ecological facilities and will ensure all the necessary utilities and appropriate connections. The land is property of the Local Council, and and the site has been cleared and is brown-fielded. The site experiences some slopping and has been fairly restricted. The researcher also focuses on describing the management strategies for the future work and strategies for organizing the staff members of the project. For this, the team have to make sure again that the communication established with our new members is very clear, and is also the duty of the researcher to make sure that he understands the individuals, which ones respond best to a pat on the back and which ones respond best to a kick up the baseline.