Project Management Strategic Design and Implementation

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Thus, it becomes imperative and critical for all the people within the workforce who wish to remain competitively relevant and active to learn newer things through refresher courses and learning seminars (Duncan, 1996). Intuitively, this is to imply that the logistics in terms of what they will eat, their mode of transport and the writing materials that they will use to note down the points. Thus, as a project manager, I would examine and analyze all the available means and avenues that would be optimum for the travel of the members of our organization. Given that in this current day and age, the dynamics and the changes in the information technology sector, it becomes imperative that each and every living person ought to be fully involved and be in the know zone. Thus, the main and primary objective of this project is to ensure that the workers or employees who will attend this seminar in the name of a workshop would be expected to advance their knowledge base and skills. The number of ten was arrived at because it would be very costly to take all the employees for the seminar. Thus, it would be beneficial if the ten which is a sufficient sample would be taken for the seminar so that when they come back they would train and share with the others. The principal aim is to ensure that the whole workforce is abreast of the technological and technical changes that happen in the world.The schedule may be altered because of it not a matter of urgency, notwithstanding the fact that the employees ought to visit and learn the dynamics sooner rather than later. Given the set budgetary standards, it is untenable to reduce the cost any further. However, if need be, the cost may be increased so that the welfare of the employees would be bettered, such that they would learn in a more comfortable atmosphere and space.