Project Management Governance

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Contents presented in the project management plan are analyzed and whether the information presented in each section of the report is appropriate and informative for the audience. Each of the heading presented in the project management plan is analyzed and then the report presents the conclusion and recommendations for improving the project management plan.The project management plan is well-prepared however there is certain information missing in the plan. Moreover, the report has analyzed that some parts of the project management plan are very comprehensive and different project management tools and techniques are applied correctly. On the other hand, some sections of the report are missing important and critical information and if this information was included then it would have further improved the quality of the project management plan.Project management discipline of management has added a unique ability to the organizations for accomplishing unique objectives. Successful projects are critically dependent on well-defined plans. Therefore project management plan is vital to successfully completing the project. Project plans if are not prepared well then it often results in failure of the project and the project is not able to achieve the desired objective despite incurring an excessive cost, time and effort on the project. KJ Consulting Company has proposed a Project Plan for the Ottawa–Carleton Water Park on behalf of Carlington Aquatic Parks for the scheduled opening on May 21, 2005.This report is aimed at evaluating the project management plan prepared by KLSJ Consulting Company for the Ottawa–Carleton Water Park. This report assesses the level and quality of the considerations given to the aspects that are to play a critical role in the project success.