Project 1

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situation explains why Bank Solutions sought consultation services to help in highlighting regulatory and operating risks as well as control mechanisms that aid in mitigating the same risks. Assessment of risks at the Bank Solutions leads to important findings. The data centre at The Bank Solution for Disaster Recovery Business Continued Plan launched in 2007 with the last update coming way back in 2009. The last testing took place in 2007. The company does not have proper full and incremental backups plan. Business continuality and disaster recovery planning are procedures that help businesses prepare for disruptive activities. The recovery plan works irrespective of the situation whether it is a national calamity or a mere power blackout.It is important that the business continuity plan as well as the disaster recovery schedule encompass best practices of communicating with employees. Communication includes where employees will go besides keeping their jobs. In this case, Bank Solutions, Inc supply chain logistics together with information technology will play crucial roles. Findings in this report are Solutions of research conducted at Bank Solutions, Inc established by the by the First Presidential Bank. The researcher carried out one-on-one interviews among all the employees occupying both senior and junior positions in the company. It is crucial to mention that each of the employees have their important role considering that Douglas Smith has the unofficial role of delegating duties to the rest of the team at Bank Solutions, Inc.The history of Bank Solutions, Inc given by the description of the journey travelled by First Presidential, the founding bank clearly explains why it is not fair to let the business collapse (Wederspabn, 2011). Starting as an apprentice mechanic at a tender age of eighteen, Douglas Smith trotted the difficult success path to establishing his motor bank one hundred and fifteen kilometres away from Northwestern Region of the United