Professional Nursing Concepts

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The profession also entails the advocacy in the care of persons, families, and communities at large, in terms of healthcare services.
&nbsp.The nursing profession is one among the most important components of the medical world. This is because. it enables the training of highly qualified personnel who assist individuals to perform activities, which collectively help to improve the healthcare operations, enhance faster recovery of the patients, and facilitate peaceful death when one has to die. Furthermore, the nursing profession plays a pivotal role in nurturing healthcare practitioners who strive to ensure the best quality of lives possible among patients who suffer from diverse ailments or disabilities. The professionals in nursing have a wide range of medical knowledge with which they use to achieve their objectives, which are essential, to prevent illnesses and injuries as well as advocating in healthcare for the entire society.
&nbsp.The nursing practitioners, who are qualified and registered healthcare providers, perform medical operations to patients at all stages of human life, right from the new-borns to the elderly. The professionals in this medical field to perform a number of important functions including conducting a well-detailed and focused physical examination to patients. diagnosing and treating common and acute illnesses as well as injuries and providing the appropriate immunizations to the populations. In addition, the Nursing Practitioners have the responsibility to manage various human healthcare complications among them high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and many other health problems that are chronic. (Basford and Slevin 67)