Professional Certificate in Effective Practice

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The team provides a multi-agency service for children and young people who enter the Criminal Justice System.The KEEP I have chosen to asses in relation to my team’s performance is Restorative Justice (YJB Edition 1). In undertaking a quality assessment of this element I intend to effectively identify, assess and evaluate my teams’ consistency in delivering the key indicators of quality in relation to this KEEP, whilst also demonstrating the ability of the team to maintain high standards of evidence-based effective practice in relation to Restorative Justice.In order to complete the research, I have chosen ten closed cases at random. By random, I mean that I have selected ten files via a ‘dip sample’ of cases from all members of my team using a single factor that all case files from which the dip sample was taken from had previously been closed within the same month one year ago. All of the young people received various orders from the court so giving a more representative example of the client base within the service.I intend to collect the information for this assessment from various sources including electronic files (YOIS), paper files that each young person has (which is kept in a central filing system in order to maintain client confidentiality in accordance with YOS policy), pre-sentence and Referral Order panel reports. (See appendix 1.)I also include as a source engaging in conversations with personnel of other relevant agencies involved with the young people in question, personal contact with the young persons in question and also his parents or carers. After all, parents/carers must be included in any assessment of the young person suitability for restorative work