Professional associations influence on HR practitioner

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uch, the human resource team employed by a company or an organization should be efficient and attentive to the rights, privileges, as well as the personal needs of the workers of the organization in order to foster a good working environment at the company to promote productivity and efficiency within the operations of the company (Bogardus, 2009).Aside from the skills acquired through learning and professional experience, HR officials should always be on the lookout for new skills, talents and expertise that comes about from leading professional associations and journals within the market. These assist the HR practitioners from getting up-to-date information on the performance of their tasks and duties as HR Managers, thereby being efficient and effective in their practice. Some of the leading professional associations in Human Resources that influence the practice and trade of a HR Practitioner in Australia include the Australian Human Resource Institute, the HR Monthly, and similar publications from consultancy firms (Bondarouk amp. Olivas-Lujan, 2013).The Australian Human Resource Institute is a professional association of Human Resources professionals who study, review and make recommendations on the current needs and demands of a HR practitioner in the Australian Human resource market. As such, a HR practitioner gains abundantly from reading the findings and reports published by this institute, as these reports touch on the sensitive issues of their professional practice that enable them improve and enhance their professional practice. For instance, the latest publication of the Australian Human Resource Institute provided a methodology of how to undertake appropriate HR Strategies and Planning within the organization in order to promote efficiency and productivity within the company (Cheung-Judge amp. Holbeche, 2015).HR strategies incorporate an effective assessment of all the HR needs and demands of an organization, and as such, getting the right personnel