Product Impact Statement Leather Shoes

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´╗┐Product Impact Statement: Leather ShoesHow people use leather shoesLeather shoes are a favourite for many people not only because of their comfort but also their durability. Besides, they always make the right statement fashion wise. Men and women, use leather shoes mostly for the workplace. However, the workplace is not the only place for leather shoes. There are plenty of leather shoes made for the casual look including moccasins and sandals for ladies. The softer the leather, the more precious it seems due to its comfortability. Heavy leather shoes can also be worn by soldiers in combat and when they are fighting in a harsh environment. It offers the best protection against sharp objects, venomous snakes, and heat.How leather shoes are madeWhen raw hides are taken from animals, they are first dried. Then they are treated with chemicals to make them softer so that they can be easily worked on. The most common source of soft leather is in Morocco. The hides, when dried, are dunked in a mixture of pigeon droppings that makes them very soft and easy to work with. Leather is the material that will be used to make the outer covering of the shoe (Tokatli Kizilgun, 2013).Other materials neededOne needs to have a material to use for the insole. The insole is the part where one step in when they wear the shoe. It should be soft and supportive of the foot. Then there is to be a cushion which rests between the insole and the outer sole. This material is most likely made of cork. It is tough and yet very easy to cut into the desired size. The outer sole can be made of rubber, leather, plastic or even resign. Another piece of tough leather will be used to make the welt that joins the upper part of the shoe to the sole. The thread is also needed since it is what is used to join these materials. It should be chosen well, according to the colour of the shoe since it will be visible when the shoe is finished (Tokatli Kizilgun, 2013).Designing the shoeThe shoe can be designed according to personal taste and also the size. The outer covering is then cut and put aside, leaving an allowance all-around for stitching. The insole, the cushioning, and the sole are then glued together and left to dry. Then the outer covering is stitched to the sole, and the shoe is complete (Tokatli Kizilgun, 2013).Effect on the environmentLeather shoes do more harm than good to the environment. Making leather shoes involves taking life from animals to get the raw material. The soles are made of plastic that does not decompose very fast. The leather shoes make a challenge for the environment because when they are out of use they get buried in the soil without decomposing. Many other materials that are used to make faux leather also have even further reaching effects to the environment. For this reason, leather shoes should be done well so that they last longer. Thus, lesser animals will have to be killed for hides, and lesser amounts of leather will litter the environment (Tokatli Kizilgun, 2013).ConclusionLeather shoes are not only comfortable. they are also fashionable. Taking into consideration that animals must be killed for meat, using hides is not inevitable. However, as an entrepreneurial dealer, I would put a higher price on leather shoes to ensure they are only bought when necessary. This policy will have a positive impact on the environment, and also very profitable.ReferenceTokatli, N.,Kizilgun, O. (2013).Coping with the changing rules of the game in the global textiles and apparel industries: Evidence from Turkey and Morocco. Journal of Economic Geography, 209-229.