ProcessFlow Analysis

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The Advanced Products Department (APD), which produces the specialty goods, has reformulated its corporate policy. In the early years, this company has built up and manufactured Echo Weather Satellites, which were launched into space. Three major diversified divisions of this company are: the material division, electrical goods, and advanced goods division. This study consists of company overview, SWOT analysis conclusion and recommendation regarding the company. Company Overview: Shipper Manufacturing Company has commenced its business in 1984 as a small organization, manufacturing bare copper wire in Missouri and Sikeston. With only a small number of workers the company started to market goods to electrical distributors in the area of Midwest. From this small beginning, they have developed as a large scale copper wire producer, offering a wide range of wire and cable merchandise to wholesale electrical dispensers across the nation. Nowadays, they also produce laminated equipment and specialty products such as connectors’ conduits etc. Shipper Manufacturing Company holds a Voice of the Consumer Exercise where interval and external consumer expectations and needs are brainstormed, communicated. Thereby, they make endeavors to guarantee consumer satisfaction and integrate client specifications into the merchandise engineering procedure by doing a House of Quality Exercise. Shipper manufacturing business possesses a manual scheme in its procedures that adds the human ingredient. Frequently, this human ingredient entails mix up or incompetence by causing delays in the manufacturing process as a result of operator mistake and negligence. Companies that previously made decisions based on the likelihood that enough defense business would be available to justify ongoing investment in plants, equipment, technology and skilled personnel face the prospect of little or no business. Loss of a single competition could drive a company out of a line of business entirely or prompt it to leave the defense sector (Blakey, 2011, p. 4). SWOT Analysis: Identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses before tackling the Opportunities and Threats is the best method to approach the analysis. The more dominant the Strengths and Opportunities the better they can both be seen as the better achievement of this company. The purpose is to be in a position where it can decide a plan for the future to improve their overall performance. Strengths: Present financial position is quite stable. Availability of skilled labor force. Most recent machinery installed Own properties Outstanding transport links Non-threatening/little competition Weaknesses: Producers take indirect ways to reach their warehouses. The lack of feasible alternative routes when normal routes are blocked during manufacture. Stock problems Opportunities: Advancing globalization More flexible tax regimes Increasingly mobile workforce New corporate strategies and processes are required to deal with an industry which is being reshaped through market consolidation and shifts in the balance of world trade (Opportunities and Challenges for the Shipping Industries, 2007, para. 1). Threats: A high level of financial expansion would normally lead to high demand for manufacturing raw materials, which in turn will increase exports and imports. The shipper manufacturi