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Introduction and key factsCauses lead to the problems and consequences:Tech Talk using Web 2.0 as a base because this electronic publishing industry has potential returns higher than traditional one. However, if the company does not create a strategic plan it could bring the failure in the long run. According to the article, there are few main causes the problems for Tech Talk. First of all, it is the different idea between the two founders of company. Dr. Arshiya Chak wants to create the high-quality content to attract more viewers while in Dr. Aditya Khare wants to use social media to bring Tech Talk to new level as he knows how important the social media affecting individuals as well as communities in the current world- the technology world. Secondly, Khare and Chak recognize that most of the traffic of their company are from search engine only (84%) while other websites can get a lot traffic from social media. Next, they try to increase social media traffic through Twitter and Facebook but not successful as expected. Other problems Tech Talk facing is that the high expenses when they hiring the outsources marketing group to help them generating the traffic. The main reason why they fail in attracting more social media traffic may be because the key performance indicators they used not correct and not measure right the industry.SWOT AnalysesSTRENGTHS- Have many articles included various specialized areas which are business analytics, project management, e-commerce, telecommunication technologies and management, general business management frameworks, digital management, etc.- Tech Talk also provides many case studies that can be used in classroom and workshops- The content is different than textbooks as it is represented picture and graphic – Facebook fan page increasing without campaign and attract more young followers- Tech Talk concerns much on high-quality content of its productsWEAKNESSES- The most weakness of Tech Talk is that Most of the traffic came from search engines only (while others came from social media)- Sharing tools in the websites sometimes used – Tech Talk can improve the traffic by using social media marketing and set the strategic plan for achieving its goals- On Twitter, Tach Talk’s network topologies uncovered useful patterns for users’ interactions with each other- If its founders suggest to hiring outsourced social media management, it could facing the high expensesOPPORTUNITIES- If Tech Talk can resolve the problems of lacking social media traffic, it can be known by many people around the world, not just only by India and United StatesTHREATS- As the new start-up company, if Tech Talk invests in digital marketing, it can face the shorten money in operations and high expenses- However, if Tech Talk not solve the problems in lacking social media traffic, it cannot be competitive with its competitorsProblem StatementFour years after being founded, the Tech Talk portal was suffering from an almost non-existent social media presence. The major issue plaguing co-founder, Aditya Khare was the strategies he should utilize to promote Tech Talk and expand its boundaries across various social media platforms. The growth strategy utilized had proven ineffective for Tech Talk’s objectives and changes were necessary in order to achieve an increase in social media traffic directly through platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This was noted by Khare after a review of the results: 4% of Tech Talk’s total traffic was from social media while there was success in almost all other areas including web page visits, sharing via email, and users bookmarking the page for future reference. There was now the issue of which strategy to follow in order to successfully build Tech Talk’s social media presence. Focus on the nature of the content being promoted was also another dilemma, that is, whether it was text-based, image-based or video-based.There are many diverse social media websites that brought about the question of: which one(s) was best? which of these were going to help Tech Talk build its social media presence and increase referrals?There was an inconsistency concerning Tech Talk’s value proposition seen as a significant difference in opinions among the co-founders.  Dr Chak was uninterested in anything social media related while Khare was of the belief that social media could bring Tech Talk major success. A new problem later emerged; were the correct key performance indicators being used to capture data. Khare was concerned about the other indicators he could possible follow and use. Khare also realized that he was perhaps not the best person to lead Tech Talk’s social media marketing. He considered hiring in-house or outsourcing to social media experts. However, cost played a major factor in this decision since both options would result in high costs which was a sensitive area for Tech Talk.AlternativesThe electronic publishing industry can be lucrative in the short term whereby viewers are enticed with current material. It can be used in formal settings, for example, journals can be used for corporate training purposes. It is convenient for viewers and environmentally friendly with respect to paper reduction and waste disposal. In addition, reduced storage space and accessibility of content. The market is growing with online vendors such as Apple’s iTunes Bookstore, Books in the Google Play Bookstore and Amazon’s Bookstore for Kindle. There is increased consumers usage of Tablet Reading devices. Hence, Tech Talk can infiltrate this market of interested users.       The traditional publishing industry has more human involvement before it gets to the consumers whereas digital publishing industry includes many content creators such as Authors, Bloggers, News Reporters and Technical specialist who are involved in the pre-accessibility process before the information is available to the consumers.      On the other hand, the electronic publishing industry’s material can be slow flowing as time goes by which can lose user’s interests. Since published materials like academic journals must be peer reviewed which can be delayed for several months. Users of such a forum are dedicated and belong to a market niche. To gain traction on the electronic content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be considered. When using SEO Tech Talk can be primarily visible to users who are interested pictures, video search, latest update search, academic search and location search. Web sites hosting service provider play a critical role in Search Engine Optimization whereby paid sites receive priority when being searched. Users are interested in fast access to information when searching, therefore, if Tech Talk were to have prioritised views, then viewers can access information and view advertisements before any other relevant websites.Since electronic viewers are interested in mostly top tier site appearance for information It would be necessary to consider the high fees charged by popular search engines such as Google and Bing, to establish Tech Talk as a “GO TO” publishing portal. The issue of such an idea is still to be considered by the stakeholders. There will have to be sufficient analysis of a fair return on investment.Social media is an important source of traffic. Users of social media share a substantial amount of content daily which can be referred a useful reference for Tech Talk. This mode of communication falls into the category of millennials and Generation Z who are dependent on social media to be aware of the world’s current events. Social networking is the trend that currently controls companies timing of revenues and predictions for future product and services demand.There is a presence of diverse websites in many categories such as user sponsor blogs and websites, company sponsored sites, business networking sites, job networking sites, virtual worlds, podcast, news-producing sites, etc. Tech Talk can link with these sites to gain viewers interest and include compatible reading material for the users in the form of videos and animation which is one of today’s diverse learning approaches.    The risk is that not many social media users utilise the material available for academic use. It is mainly used by the majority who are interested in the world now. The activities of their peers and other affiliated peers; who they can get information to satisfy a personal goal. CONCLUSION—Completed By SYED MUNAWWER