Problems with the Health Care Reform Act

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But, none of them have failed as spectacularly as his version has. The ObamaCare Act is so riddled with problems that the individual states are trying to reject its implementation and the Supreme Court has had to step into the problem. And that it seems, is where the main problem of ObamaCare lies. ObamaCare has practically prevented people from gaining access to proper medical care unless they have health insurance. In fact, the law mandates that each and every American citizen of good standing must carry health insurance in order to gain access to an emergency room. By dictating who can gain access to medical care and how that medical care can be accessed, the president has overstepped a number of legalities and human rights. By removing the freedom of the people to choose how they can access medical care, the president has violated our constitutional right to choose. Although health insurance is something that our society wishes could encompass one and all in coverage, mandating it for every person, regardless of whether they can afford to buy the service or not, is like signing their death sentence. Medical professionals themselves question the legality of the law: Mandating health insurance is not only questionable legally, it is also questionable medically. It sets up an unsustainable tautology that assumes willing participation on the part of doctors. But many of the doctors I know will drop out, even if their patients can’t. (Seigel, Marc M.D. , A Doctor’s Prognosis for ObamaCare — The Four Essential Problems With the Patient) The president’s health care act failed to take into consideration or perhaps refused to see the obvious, that healthcare is not cheap and technology is now allowing it to become more personalized and because of that, may or may not be covered by insurance companies who only make their money by rejecting prodecure coverage for their members whose medical needs cannot be covered on a group basis. This changes the slant of the law from health care coverage to health insurance instead. Our government seems to have forgotten that just because you are covered by health insurance, that does not mean that you are actually covered by health care. Even though we are mandated to buy health insurance under the law, we are not assured that all the medical consultations and testing that we might require will be covered at all under our health insurance coverage. On a related note, the law refused to acknowledge the fact that we have at least 24 percent of the American population are opted out of insurance coverage. They do not want to be covered, so why should the government force them to sign up? And that, is why the legality of this law is now being questioned before the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead of making medical coverage more affordabe, ObamaCare made insurance premiums shoot through the roof, a situation that insurance companies tried to make known during the hearings for the healthcare bill (The WellPoint Revelation: Private Insurance Premiums Could Triple Under ObamaCare). Obama’s supporters in the legislative house would not hear of it then and they refuse to hear more about it now that the law they forced upon the public is being rejected by more than a half percent of the population. In fact, a Rassmusen poll taken November 14 of this year indicates that: U.S. Voters shows that 55% at least somewhat favor repeal of the