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***PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS!! I WILL NEED IT COMPLETED BY TONIGHT NO LATER THAN 11:59 PM EST!!!****IntroductionThese activities will provide you with the opportunity to access various principles of Supervision and analyze actual job descriptions for supervisory/management positions as listed by actual business organizations in today’s business environment.The AssignmentBUS-135 Course Research Project “Page” Overview:Page 1: Cover Page (one page, include ALL information from the provided example)Page 2; 3; and 4: Note: Select “three” actual job descriptions from “three” different organizations. Discuss the main differences between all “three job descriptions” regarding job responsibilities, job duties, job minimum qualifications, and job preferred requirements. Discuss the main differences between all three (3) job descriptionsregarding two (2) main questions (review the example found under the Course Research Project tab). Each page MUST BE A FULL PAGE with at least three (3) paragraphs each.Page 5: References Note: (One page. You must copy-and-paste your three (3) job descriptions as references).Please see the following document for more information: BUS-135 On-Line Course Research Project Information.doc BUS-135 On-Line Course Research Project Information.doc – Alternative Formats(Opens in a new window)This assignment is due by 11:59pm on May 10.ResourcesThis document provides you with an example of what your final assignment should look like: BUS-135 Course Research Project Example.doc BUS-135 Course Research Project Example.doc – Alternative Formats(Opens in a new window)Grading CriteriaStudents must answer the writing assignment using the above listed formatting requirements. Students must completely answer each question or set of questions correctly for full credit.Please review the Written Assignment/Case Studies Grading Rubric Tool. Rubrics are often used by instructors to grade student work, but more importantly, rubrics are used by students as part of a formative assessment of their coursework in progress were rubrics can teach as well as evaluate.Used as part of a student-centered approach to assessment, rubrics have the potential to help students understand the targets for their learning and the standards of quality for a particular course assignment, as well as make dependable judgments about their coursework that can inform revision and improvement. For example, reducing uncertainly and determining the amount of effort needed for an assignment in this course.12/05/20202businessfinance