Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki

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This paper will discuss the development of the movie touching on various major themes developed. It will discuss the issue of incapability of harmony, selfishness by human beings as well as humans being triggered to bring about a difference.The director of the movie, Hayao Miyazaki demonstrates the constant conflict between human beings and other non-human creatures. He suggests that human beings are selfish and do not care for the benefit or plight of the other creature or nature. He maintains visual accords between the horrifying violence and awesome beauty. The movie director also adds an aspect of expectancy to the episode through the viewpoint of Ashitaka as the story ends in a catastrophic hunt for the forest spirit. His demonic illness forces him to cause fatal disasters upon his opponents who struggle to renovate and maintain peace (Fortier, 3).The background of the movie occurred historically in Japan in the Muromachi era (1392-1573). This happened when the weapons first began to appear in the country. A powerful ogre gains entry in the peaceful village of Ashitaka, who was a young warrior. The ogre plows with surpassing abhorrence towards the village, intending to annihilate it and execute every human it can find. The hatred grew stronger in the monster that the very grass it ran across wilted away to brown mush. However, Ashitaka finally defeats the demon and speaks to the gathered creatures with its dying breath. The ogre informs the villagers that he was a great boar protector-god with the aim of destroying humans who had already caused destruction in his forest. The boar curses Ashitaka in the form of an overwhelming disease in his arm. As its already-dead body falls down, it utters a scathing curse on humanity (Potter, 1).The movie starts in a certain village located at the edge of a large forest. Prince Ashitaka, a young warrior, discovers a fierce beast in the forest while on a watchtower. He quickly discovers that this particular beast wanted to devour the village and this young warrior purposed to defend his village.