Pride in Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee

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Pride in Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee Basically, directors of movies use the characters to underscore important themes and pass on important messages to the audience. Through characters, the audience not only understands the scope, but they also acknowledge the key themes. In essence, characters play an important role of developing the scope and plot of the given play. In Bury My Heart in Wounded Knee, the theme of pride has been propagated by certain characters. Americans are known to be proud of their achievements. Nonetheless, the respective pride in certain instances yields undesirable outcomes. In this movie however, pride is presented as strength.To begin with, the White settlers exhibit pride when they employ pretence to gain access to the land of the natives. After gaining the access, they maltreat the natives and reportedly kill the natives ‘for their energy resources’ (Voluk 154). The strong pride in this case makes them to maintain that the contentious land resource does not belong to anyone. This is regardless of having found the native inhabitants therein. Ultimately, this enables the Whites to have access to the resource.Also worth appreciating that the inherent pride gives the Americans the strength to persist on. Pride in this case is the driving force of all the activities. The White soldiers believe that they deserve only the best and this enables them to conquer the natives. Certainly, it is pride that made General Custer to carry and fight on even after the gruesome defeat in 1876. The soldiers at this point believed that the then defeat was temporary and could not demoralize them. Thus pride in this case can be considered a strength that contributes significantly to the success of the Whites.Work CitedVoluk Case. Alaska natives and American laws. Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press, 2002. Print.