Pricing Decisions

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Article 5 aims to find out the methods of setting prices which are dominating Slovenian business practice. Introduction The articles deal with the pricing practices and strategies in various businesses. As stated in article 1, the businesses and consumers have perfect knowledge of the marketplace but actually they lack the perfect knowledge. This makes the establishment of a pricing policy necessary. Article 2 is based on examining pricing for new product price decisions. It is basically the study of the three pricing practices with respect to competition, costs, and customer value. Article 3 states that products have been divided into four categories such as specialty, preference, convenience, and shopping. The research in this article is basically on the pricing strategy for the various product categories. The relevant strategy was selected as per the literature of the paper that is penetration and skimming strategy. Article 4 deals with the pricing of a short license for software service. Earlier, firms in this industry used to do the pricing based on the usage of resources. As computer hardware became fast and cheap the business model remained no more significant. With the recent spread of complex enterprise software, the cost of software maintenance and deployment has increased again. Therefore, the pricing scheme had been termed as subscription pricing. Article 5 states that pricing is not the most important but is just one of the elements of marketing mix. Inspite, managers complain quite often about the problems and pressures arising due to pricing of competitors, it is stated in the article that pricing is rarely a problem. It states that pricing should be such that the perceived value of the product or service should supersede the perceived price. Importance of the study Article 1 focuses on determining whether small firms use the same established economic principles that economists rely on while explaining the behavior of large firms with regards to pricing strategies and objectives. The study basically is conducted in order to determine whether the economic principles are appropriate for small businesses or not. Article 2 is significant because it deals with the aspects of new product pricing practices. The research paper assesses the ways pricing can be done for a new product. It is important from the perspective of a manager as its becoming difficult for managers to analyze the correct price for the value they are providing to their consumers. Article 3 deals with the aspects of pricing of various product categories which could help attain the corporate objectives of the firm. It is important because pricing should be done on the use of the product. The product category such as convenience products cannot be priced higher as because of the presence of many low cost producer firms in the industry. The research is ideal for serving as a starting point for a developing a framework of corporate objectives, pricing strategies, and product categories. Article 4 is important because it is related to software pricing. The pricing strategy the researchers are focusing on is basically usage-based pricing wherein the firms will be able to acquire low usage consumers as they do not have to pay more than they use. Article 5 is important as the research is on pricing based on cost or customer. Literature Review Paper 1 In the year 2011, Dunn conducted a study on