Pressure Ulcer among Geriatric Pateints in Long Term Care

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The attitude of a caring nurse on any condition inflicting patient has either a direct or indirect outcome on the patient. Positive attitude has been given credence of a good outcome of the patient while negative one has had bad outcomes (Maklebust, 2000, pg.292). Knowledge of the nurse on condition of the patients also has been credited to a good outcome and the two (attitude and knowledge) work hand on hand. By knowing the attitude and knowledge, the research will unravel what is the reason beneath bad outcome and almost no sustainable pressure ulcer prevention on geriatric patients.
First the literature will have the worldwide view of the title then narrow down my countries view of the subject. The literature review will only be done using scholarly material and journals of many authors of the subject. Then I will contrast and compare many of the scholastic journals authors view on the subject with keen interest on areas in which the authors are in disagreement while at the same time criticizes some aspects of the methodology. In the literature review, I will highlight exemplary studies and the gaps in the research while showing how my study relates to the previous studies and the literature in wholesome. Finally, a conclusion will be drawn by bringing into light what the literature says.
This because the internal validity is at the core of inference and the study and is aimed to identify the area of more research, hell in human resource allocation and provide information about the existence of condition inclusion and exclusion