Prepared Speech

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Another great example of funny speech topics can be “The 5 biggest lies by men/women”. If you can find some great examples of such “lies” that everybody can relate to, then you can easily prepare a great speech.It is also a good idea to search for some videos with performances of famous comedians. Maybe they have already prepared some jokes on your topic and you can use them (with references of course). This can be even called “professional buy essay online safe help”.For example, you can talk on the topic “How to survive a blind date”. You can find some funny stories that happened to people, or maybe you have your own experience of blind dates that had a funny story. Then you can give some advice on the behavior during blind dates, like lists of DO’s and DO NOT’s. The key point in preparing such speeches on funny speech topics is to be prepared. Improvisation is not working here. When you have all your jokes prepared and you have practiced them out in front of your friends and family and they have approved them, there are more chances that this joke and the speech itself will be a success. So don’t be lazy and focus on the preparation process.28/03/202015businessfinance