Preferential Trade Agreement and Third World Economies

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Scope and uniqueness of study from existing researchFrom the research questions posed above, it would be noted that the study will have a central theme of economic growth among third world economies. To achieve this, three major premises or variables shall be investigated as part of the scope of the study. These premises and the theme that together form the scope of the study have been demonstrated in the diagram below.What makes the research questions and the scope of the study unique is that it takes a spiral and holistic approach to the theme of economic growth in 3rd world economies. By spiral, reference is being made to the fact that the eventual goal of economic growth will be approached from a systematic order where one thing must lead to the other in order to bring the needed change. By holistic also, reference is being made to the fact that the research will not only look at what needs to be done but what needs to be avoided. By this, all forms of unfair trade agreements that have only taken advantage of third world economies will be exposed. The rationale for such a spiral and holistic approach is that Martin, Marchetti and Lim (2007) criticised existing approaches to economic growth in third world economies as being haphazard and lacking systematic plan that recognises barriers that must be overcome before growth can be achieved.Bridging gaps in literature The proposed study will be conducted in a manner that departs from existing literature so as to make the topic different from others.