Practicum Review and Evaluation

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hing is that certain slides in Lisa’s presentation were immensely loaded with information, it was hard to make out clearly what the real essence was in those slides.
The flow in the presentation is remarkable. It clearly takes the readers or the audience with the flow of slides. First, there are goals, then definition, then methodology, then the documentation and questionnaire and in the end, there is a summary of the whole learning experience.
It would be a good idea to try to present less information in one slide rather than filling up the whole slides with words. Modern presentation slides use only 4-5 words with eye catching pictures that captivate the readers. Use as many slide as you want but the information on them should be concise.
Overall the look of the presentation was splendid. The pictures used were nice, however some pictures of bigger children would have had a better impact as OSAS survey was about children under the age of 18, not under the age 4.
Yes the objectives are clearly defined and explained. Kristy’s presentation is about enhancing patients’ knowledge on how to take care of their bodies, on how to follow up on a patient and provide emotional support from the nursing point of view. &nbsp.
The experience is presented in compact info nuggets. I mean there are slides that show in-text referencing as if a thesis paper, which it is not. It is a presentation and needs pretty slides to give information to the viewer. This fact alone makes the presentation a little difficult to follow.
It is quite clear what the author is trying to communicate. She has tried to give a checklist to nurses to make sure that the patients get diagnosed for their illness effectively. In my opinion, the ideas have been communicated very clearly.
The design and the physical content of the presentation was just alright. It wasn’t catchy there were hardly any pleasing pictures to capture the interest of the audience. I’d recommend that there should be more