PowerPoint slides and videos of Topic 3 selected ONE issue of significance and relevance to our time

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There are key areas that the Islamic religion seems to be reading from similar script as that of the Christianity. A keen look at some biblical and Quran texts reveals strong points departure as well as some similar points that are worth noting. One issue in the Quran that is still a borne of contention in the holy book of Quran is how it addresses justice and its preservation in the world. The fact that it advocates for revenge means that sustainable peace can never be attained as long as the Islamic people are attacked knowingly or unknowingly. The view of revenge is made clear in Quran 22:39. Fighting on behalf of God in the event that one is wronged makes the religion to be viewed as intolerable to the human race that are bound to do wrong.In the video interviews with Hamza Yusuf, it is evident that the Islamic religion has gone through a number of changes as it tries to fully entrench itself in the Western countries such as the United States. After the happenings of 11th September 2001, the view of Islamic religion has been changed to that of a religion marked and characterized by war and terror which has also been witnessed recently in other parts of the world. However,-Hamza Yusuf (1/6, 10mn)-Hamza argues that acts of terrorism should not be limited to those who profess the Islamic religion only hence the Muslims need not to be subjected to such accusations. It is a known case that people who profess other religions such as Christianity, have also lead to the death of many people such as the 1994 Rwanda genocide in which both communities involved were Christians.