Power Supply System Design Using a Voltage Divider

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The circuit comprises two resistors (a) and (b), connected in series. The series resistor circuit is then connected to a constant source of power. The voltage is taken from the middle of the two resistors.According to ohms law, the current through any conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference between the two points and is inversely proportional to the resistance of the circuit. Form ohms lawResistor R1 =300 the calculated power dissipation is 0.3072 watts, which is much bigger than the 0.25 watts resistors available for the design. From the calculations, it can be seen that the increase in current causes the increase in power dissipated. By joining two resistors of value 560 Ω. We can get the 300 Ω. Two resistors are joined in parallel as shown in the figure belowAs can be seen from these simulated results the voltage across the load resistor was 5.876. This corresponds with the theoretical design. A summary of each multi-meter reading is given in the table shown below.