Poverty Across the Globe

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In addition to this, it is also an important goal and issue for several international organizations, such as World Bank and United Nations. Growth in poverty scale can hamper social and economic growth of a country. Therefore, it is important for each and every individual of a country to fight against poverty in order to ensure sustainable growth of the country. This essay will discuss nature, scale and significance of poverty. In addition to this, the essay will try to discuss and assess the policies and practical interventions of two international organizations in the response to poverty. United Nations and CARE International have been considered as two international organizations for the purpose of this essay.Poverty can be considered as greatest scandal of contemporary era. Nature of poverty can be determined through its specific characteristics. Economic aspects of poverty generally focus on the material needs of human beings, such as clothing, shelter, food and safe drinking water. However, the nature of poverty can be divided into six different aspects, such as situational poverty, generational poverty, relative poverty, absolute poverty, ritual poverty and urban poverty.Situational poverty occurs through a sudden loss or crisis. According to several researchers, the effect of this situational poverty is temporary. Typical events or reasons can create situational poverty, such as divorce in a family, serious environmental disasters and severe health issues in a society or community. On the other hand, generational poverty is identified in such families, where two or more previous generations have taken birth with the scale of poverty. It is true that, these families can find it difficult to face this particular situation due to lack of supportive tools and aspects. Absolute poverty generally includes a scarcity of some basic necessities, such as safe and pure running water, food and