Potential Roles of the Human Resource Management

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CORRECT. Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) are a method of performance appraisal developed by Smith and Kendall to assess the behavior required to successfully perform a job. Functional behaviors, not performance outcomes, are the focus, based on the premise that functional behaviors will result in effective performance. There are four steps involved, as follows: 1) breaking down a job into key performance dimensions. 2) identifying the range of possible behaviors that can be observed when the employee is performing a task. 3) placing these behaviors on a scale from ineffective to excellent performance. and 4) assessing the employee concerned with reference to scales per task. Because employees participate in determining these variables through a series of meetings attended by both managers and incumbents BARS cannot be considered generic by any means. BARS are applied in many industries but the application of the method is specific, that is, it is based on the work environment and the relationship between the supervisor and employee, as well as the expected behaviors that are assessed that lead to effective performance on the job.
CORRECT. The jobs of interviewing, hiring and testing as well as compliance with relevant laws are the responsibility of the HR professionals in the company. However, since the company is the corporate entity that deals with its task environment, it is responsible for the acts of the HR professional insofar as they affect other parties.