Post5CourseOrganizational Theory

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Hi,I need homework for one discussion and one Journal article with references.Please find below docs for reference.Material links and homework instructions are provided in attachments.(Please let me know if provided material links are not working)For discussion i need two replies on my classmate discussions.ThanksPosted: 5 hours agoDue: 15/04/2020Budget: $25Tags: No PlagiarismAnswers 0Bids 77Grace GradesTeacher A WorkMusyokionesEARNESTWRITEREmily ClareGuruu MathDr_inaayaWIZARD_KIMabdul_rehman_njoshDr Willymartinsjuliusmu33Dr. ElahiLisa-RandallRosie SeptemberFavouritewriterJOHN JUNIOR001Asad UllahProf.MacQueenDrNicNgaoProfRubbsmichael smithperfectowork solutionsStano 001Catherine OwensRESPECT WRITERProf. MassarraRanchoddas Chanchad PhDEssay-tutorTiny ChrisbennetsandovaDexterMastersElprofessorikim woodssarapaul2013TutorJoeKimCasey CeliaansRohanWendy LewisNursing_MissJenny BoomSaburBQuickly answer Miss ProfessorChrisProfTaylor RodmanMalik TutorBrainy BrianJessica LuisSaad FahimSophia MilesSasha SpencerprofwachgraceTutor Cyrus Kenimhmd.fprof avrilfirstclass tutorMiss Emily BluntAbdullah Anwarseniorwritermagz64Cotton CandyEva GreenHarris KhanQuickMentorsuniyaziaAllan-kingsA-Grade WriterMiss Lily J.Agher EditorTutor-paulaExpert_ChristineAmelia IrisMiss_AqsaTop Notch AnswernickwhitebirdOther questions 10 “A” WORK DISCUSSION BOARD2.5 pages due in 15 hoursMiss Professorcan someone complete by deadlineCan you think of any other health care organizations where their culture and traditions are well known? Please share them with us.Discussion 4 OL215case 5grammar testmathquestion for brilliant answers onlyRated 1 timesJournal ArticleStudents must choose one of the following terms for their research fortheir Journal Article Summary 1: centralization, contingency, decentralization, efficiency, mechanistic, organic, …Rated 1 timesDiscussion, Journal Article SummaryModule 1 Discussion ForumDiscuss in detail the stakeholder approach.Need main post with 250 words and two responses.Journal Article SummarySummary:Pick one of the following terms for your …Rated 1 timesJournal Article SummaryPick one of the following terms for your research:collaboration, divisional structure, functional structure, horizontal structure, matrix structure, outsourcing, reengineering, teams, vertical …Rated 1 timesJA6Pick one of the following terms for your research: code of ethics, conscious capitalism, corporate social responsibility (CSR), culture, ethical dilemma, external adaptation, mission culture, …Rated 1 timesJA5Pick one of the following terms for your research: analyzability, core technology, interdependence, joint optimization, lean manufacturing, noncore technology, service technology, small-batch …Rated 1 timesCase Study Your submission must include the following information in the following format:DEFINITION: a brief definition of the key term followed by the APA reference for the term; this …Rated 1 timesJA 3Pick one of the following terms for your research: Integrity, ethical dilemma, conflict of interest, bribery, or fraud.Your submission must include the following …Rated 1 timesJA 4Pick one of the following terms for your research: Strategic philanthropy, locus of control, ethical culture, ethical awareness, or normative approach.Your submission …Rated 1 timesJournal Article Need help with the below Journal Article. Please see the instructions carefully, and let me know if you are able to get the work done with zero plagiarism.Students must choose one of …15/04/202025businessfinance