Post 9/11 politics and war on terror

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War on terror is one of the major outcomes of the 9/11 incident. It started from Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, immediately after the 9/11 incident. America believes that the major culprits behind 9/11 Osama and Mulla Omar (Taliban leader) are currently operating from the Afghan-Pakistan borders. In order to seize Laden and Mulla Omar and also to destroy Taliban from Afghanistan, America started the Afghan war immediately after the 9/11. It is widely known that the roots of contemporary terrorism originated in Afghanistan when United States sponsored Afghan mujahideen in their bid to repel Soviet Union which resulted in the formation of CIA trained terrorists united under the banner of Osama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda” (Ahmed, 2005, p.3). Afghanistan is an uncivilized country and most of the people in Afghanistan are illiterate. Religious fundamentalism is at tits bests in Afghanistan because of the organizations like Taliban. Earlier during the cold war period, Soviet Union intruded into the Afghanistan territories and America did everything possible to remove Soviet troops from Afghanistan. The United States never thought that they will face the consequences of their action in future when they cultivate religious fundamentalism in Afghanistan in order to expel Soviet troops. America deliberately cultivated strong patriotism and religious fundamentalism in the veins of the Afghan people during the Soviet regime in Afghanistan. America made the Afghan people aware of the evil effects of communism.