Positive Psychology

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Prudence signifies implementing wise decisions related to practical situations to determine effective results and outcomes. In accordance with prudent decisions, it depicts that a person thinks as well as analyzes a particular situation to make wise decisions. Prudent decisions within personal life can make me unique and can also help to tackle difficult situations which in turn assist to ensure effective outcomes. In professional sphere, prudent decisions assist in framing effective and advanced strategies that facilitate in the development as well as the growth of an organization (Snyder 69-489). Fairness within professional as well as personal life fosters better relationship and growth. Equality plays a vital role in every sphere of life. Equality within professional aspect can enable to bestow me with a unique sense of confidence as well as growth and it also can assist in the development and acceleration of an organization’s activities (Snyder 69-489). Honesty signifies being loyal towards every sphere of life. Honesty plays a vital role within organizational context. Maintaining honesty within work life can enable me to gain a unique sense of goodwill among peers and management that ultimately works as a motivational factor. Authentic decisions as well as honesty among friends and families foster goodwill as well as develop self-respect within an individual (Snyder 69-489). Appreciation acts as a motivational factor for an individual, it accelerates the development of an individual and fosters better performance and growth. Appreciating skilled performance, beauty and knowledge in every sphere of life accelerates motivation, attitude and performance. Appreciation within professional sphere can be a unique practice which can in turn enhance an employee’s motivational power along with assisting in the organizational development. In personal sphere, appreciation helps in developing a strong bond with the near and dear ones as well as fosters a feeling of being important within an individual (Snyder 69-489). QUESTION 2 During my school days, I used to be a carefree person without any proper goal and direction in mind and used to avoid cultural traditions as it generally irritated me a lot. Although I have always remained out of any kind of troublesome scenarios owing to the reason of aiming to walk a straight-line, till very recent times I was not aware of the proper meaning or significance of my life to me. Traditions frame an important part in shaping our psychology and they act as an engagement for human beings to develop more meaningful relationships. As time passed by after my marriage, once I was criticized by some guests in front of everyone. This incident changed my life drastically and I recognized my fault. My mother-in-law taught me about cultural dimensions that showed me the path of enlightenment. At present, I am aware of the significance of cultural dimensions and its importance in our life. I am a very spiritual Catholic person highly active in Church related activities and I believe that this provides me immense strength in life to deal with adversities. This positive psychology will remain with me forever. In future, I am attempting to impart these cultures and its values to the next generation by setting good examples to them so that they remain in their blood forever. QUESTION 3 Psychology depicts an academic as well as applied discipline which