Positive and Negative Effects of Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure assists the youth in forming their identities. inculcating socialization skills. and assigning gender roles. Peer pressure also motivates the youth. Despite the negative attributes often associated with peer pressure as being destructive to young people’s overall development, it has instrumentally uplifted youth from the depths of confusion and emotional turmoil to clear paths in life.

Peer pressure is erroneously thought to only elicit negative effects amongst young people. However, this fails to consider the numerous positive benefits that can be gained from peer pressure. For example, peer pressure could act as motivation because it boosts one’s morale in becoming better at certain things. Additionally, under motivation, children coming financially unstable homes find an impetus to work hard in their academic studies to get better jobs and earn handsome salaries. In the same capacity, motivation helps people in understanding different issues from multiple spectrums. Overall, it raises a person’s self-esteem and confidence. It is usually peer pressure through motivation, for example, that leads young people to embrace activities such as exercising to maintain healthy bodies. They also practice healthy habits that do not make susceptible to diseases.

Integration of socialization skills is another way how peer pressure can be turned into a positive thing. This is because it enables the socializees to make friends that usually expand their networks in terms of opportunities and chances in life. Alternatively, socialization is a healthy exercise that inspires people to join different co-curricular activities such as drama, sports, and clubs among others to achieve popularity amongst their peers. Therefore, through socialization, citizens cultivate vital cultures of collective behavior and unity as benchmarks for group norms. In other words, peer groups interconnect their members through creating platforms for group conformity and group consensus.