Popular Culture and Intercultural Understanding

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This prejudice has been developed through the romanticizing the Arab-Islamic. The perception of the western together with the Europe will remain to be justifications of the continued for colonial power and imperialization. In his book, said expresses his disgust and denounces the habit of the eastern of their malpractices arising from the internalizing the images about them by the Anglo-American orientalists. The image that the people of the West have the Arabs and moles has put the world in the fear of the Arabian military aggression. The Muslims, in an overstatement, are perceived as the providers of oil and associated with terrorism. Some crude presentation and caricatures about the Arab-Moslems has been shown as an essential step towards the world insecurity (Lewis).Usually, every film that comes out to the public is put under close study and scrutiny to outline some various attributes that concern the cultural field. This scrutiny is done to figure out and study all the positively and negatively displayed themes in the and as set within a certain block of the film. This kind of analysis has been implied in the last decade into the world of Disney movies in which many things regarding culture that appear to be very bad to the viewers than what really the entertainment in it has to say. Some of these cases include orientalism that literary stand for the class of statements put forward by the West with an aim to romanticize the people of the east and categorize them (Lewis). This also encourages some manner of cultural chauvinism that people take and impose them on other people or neighbors. Implying this fact, orientalism, therefore, has been broadly handled in the world of Disney movie because any form of discrimination in the media is highly discouraged and discriminated. Disney’s popular movie Aladdin strongly presents orientalism.Orientalism is a term that was coined in the year