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Political Culture ResponseFor this assignment, you will create a prospectus.A prospectus is very similar to a movie trailer. It is essentially giving someone a view of something before it appears for them. Response Guidelines: Each response will consist of the following:-2 pages maximum-2 in text citations (references). You may use ANY of the articles provided within course units.-1 reference page-Must address the questions provided by the professor on this instruction sheet.______________________________________________________________________________You are writing this prospectus to a 17-year-old, he will be voting in this year’s election. As he reads this prospectus, he is contemplating his new life as an adult American citizen. What advice do you have for him? We will call him, Troy.Questions to consider (Please use these questions as headings to section within your response):1. What is the state of American politics (friendly, combative, neutral, etc.)?2. How much should Troy expect to have his political views effected by social media? 3. What role does Congress play in American society (constitutionally)?4. How has the American Government responded to poverty? What can Troy do to ensure that those in need receive the benefits they deserve?Additional Guiltiness:-12-point word size-Times New Roman font-Must include a reference page-Must be submitted via eCampusPLEASE ask, if you have any questions concerning this assignment. I am here to help.