Political Regimes in France

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Generally, political regimes and the French authority were the main causes of the sufferings experienced by the French peasants. The paper will, therefore, look at the political regimes in France in relation to Tinnon life of a simple man. It will also seek to look at the political leanings for the life of a simple man in the French Society. According to Guillaumin, Tinnon is described as a person who lived a life just like any other peasant in the French society (15). He spent most of his early childhood herding sheep and pigs. From the readings of Guillaumin’s The Life of a Simple Man, Tinnon had very little awareness of politics in general. Throughout his lifetime, he spent very little time being concerned with political matters. According to Guillamin, Tinnon is called an old socialist by the young people he was within a room taking coffee and smoking cigarettes (264). He pretends that he has a headache and he is supposed to go take care of his cows. Moreover, during the discussions, Tinnon contributed rarely in the talks that were politically driven. From the readings in the book, the peasant had very little knowledge about the political happenings in the society. He spent most of his time partying and dancing with very little knowledge about politics. From the beginning, the peasant known as Tinnon herded animals. He used to be woken up by his mother at five o’clock morning hours to go and herd sheep. In (6) Before five o’clock in the mornings my mother pulled me out of bed. This shows that being a poor boy brought up in the rural French community, he had to do just as his parents told him. He did his duty of herding, most of his entire life and had very little time with getting acquainted with the political world.