Poison Politics Do Negative Campaign Ads Have an Affect on Voters

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It cast an influence on the voters which was sufficient to bring the intended result. Key words: Negative ad campaigns, Politics, election, affect on voters, beneficial, harmful. Introduction The minds always active in the towers of politics have gained the knowledge of the powers of the media and its overwhelming effects over the minds of the populace. They have realized that media can be utilized as the biggest medium of propagation. The exploitation of media in one’s purpose has become a norm of today’s political sociality. The rule is practiced in the political campaigns of the entire world but in the United States of America, the ratio is relatively the bigger. In fact media is one of the only tools the candidates for presidency in the United States of America use to attract the masses towards their will. In the course, no hesitation is felt to highlight the negative aspects of the opponent’s life. Such ads in which the opponent’s image is presented as unfavorable are called negative ads and hence the negative ad campaigns (Kamber, 1997). Negative ads work to exploit the sentiments and emotions of the society. Negative ads work because humans are emotional and psychologically they are impressed by appeals. Though the overall turnout is not necessarily affected by the negative ad campaigns, it however helps in turning one’s already developed point of view. Advertising matters at the margins. …
One unconsciously processes the ads though he claims to have his mind not affected by the ads. About the undecided voters, Drew Western found them completely overwhelmed by the negative political ads. The reason behind is just simple: humans are curious for harms. We always stop to the wreck of a car but never to the flowers all around the roads (Sohn, 2012). Statement of Problem 47% Video is an ad in which Romney spoke at a fundraiser in the words: there are 47% who are with Obama, who are dependent on government, who believe they are victims, and who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them (Newport, 2012). The video entangled Mitt Romney as he had talked abusingly of the American people. Obama and company exploited the video against Romney. They told the people that Romney did not deserve to be their President as he had talked about them scornfully. The ad affected the overall political scenario of the United States of America. The strength of negativity lies in its pulling of the people to search for more information about the candidates. For instance, the 47% video of Romney leaked in the recent elections. He was talking to some confidante in a closed room and at a suitable time, the conversation recorded was made open to the whole nation. The video compelled a large number of people to rethink of their favor for Romney. Many were heard to say that after watching the said advertisement, they were of the view that Romney was narrow-minded and such a person could not lead the nation among huge crisis. This is now to evaluate the statement that negative ads definitely work. The results of the 2012 Presidential Elections reveal that both the candidates fought with each