“Poetry Analysis Robert Hayden&#x27

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s Middle Passage”Part 1: Identify and analyze the following textual elements briefly in one of the three parts of Robert Hayden’s “Middle Passage” 3-5 sentences each1. Speaker2. Title3. Setting and situation4. Diction and Tone5. Symbolism6. Theme7. Images8. Figures of Speech9. Irony10. Sound and rhyme11. Rhythm and meter12. Form and StructurePart II: Drawing on your responses to the respective critical questions above, write a minimum of 350 words in response. It should include an introductory paragraph and a statement of thesis for a prospective essay. Your response should demonstrate the ways in which the poem’s technical elements (above) work to develop and reinforce a dominant theme (irony) Be sure to identify the theme in a single thesis statement of your introductory paragraph.06/11/201716literature