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Visual Arts Special effects
Time has seen the evolution of the film and movie industry especially with the introduction of modern computer systems in animations, multimedia systems, and 3D animation, special and visual effects. Special effects are old school camera motion effects that were done in a mechanical manner whereas visual effects is all about post production editing done mostly by computer software and programmes hence making a movie or film to be exciting. Examples of movies done under visual effects include Tron legacy, Robocop, Inception, GI joe the rise of Cobra among many others (Sieber, 2011).
Tron legacy is a science fiction movie which shows tremendous use of computer visual effects. The movie was shot in 3D and ten companies were involved in the enormous visual effects work. Chroma keying is a film technology for compositing two images or video streams together based on color hues (color range), this technology has been incorporated in this movie hence bringing out an exciting and thrilling 3D effect in the movie. Artificial intelligence is also a technology used in the film. This is a technology where machines are perceived to be autonomous and tend to have human like intelligence.
Visual effects is a term used in describing imagery created, altered or enhanced for a film or other motion pictures production That can’t be done during actual shooting of a film. Visual effects can also be incorporated in to live action capture through techniques like mate painting, miniature or forced perspective sets, computer graphic objects, characters and surroundings, compositing of disparate images recorded in any number of ways. These are some visual effects that have been used in the Tron legacy film, and have contributed very much in modern film production and technology (Zwerman, 2010). Computer technology was vastly significant in the production of this film whereby some scenes in the movie were very graphic and could only be achieved through computer graphic techniques (Mitchell, 2004).
Narrative Films
Love and hamburgers is a short film about two neighbors that leave short messages for each other on each other door steps. Before the first scene a note written question is left on the front door step of the lady. Here the exposition is an apartment scene where neighbors live next door to each other.
The rising action occurs where the two neighbors start leaving sweet notes on each other’s door steps trying to court each other by asking interesting questions afterwards the man asks the lady out for a date only to come back home the following day and find that there is no reply note on his door step He then leaves a note telling the lady to call him and that he misses her.
Then the climax reaches when the following day the man comes home and hears the doorbell ring only to find a telephone on his door step with a note prompting him to pick it up, he picks the telephone and the lady comes out of her apartment and calls him telling him that someone is stalking her and he responds by saying the same thing.
The denouement occurs when the man opens the note that was attached to the telephone only to see the message that being extraordinary was never their problem then he remains silent for a while thinking.
The resolution comes when the lady tells the man that she thinks that he is cutting out on the phone then the whole plot comes to an end. The genre of this movie is that it is a short romance film. It is a fictional romance narrative since the characters are just following a script based on a fictional romance story.
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