Please Read Attached Handout 115 (Case Study) And Then Identify All Stakeholders For The Project Described

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Handout 11–5
Project Case Study
Video Universe (VU) is a small chain of five video stores that rents and sells videos (VHS
and DVD). VU caters to movie buffs who want to be able to request films by title, cast
members, or directors, as well as look up Academy Award–winning films by category and
year of award. Customers pay for rentals by cash or credit card. They may reserve a title up
to five days in advance of the date on which they wish to rent. As a service, VU’s main
store has a conference room that it makes available to a local group of film buffs, who
meet each week to discuss classic films available on video as well as notable new video
VU’s current file card–based system is inadequate for its needs and must be replaced. You
are charged with analyzing the requirements, determining the scope of the system, and
developing and implementing a plan to deliver the required system.
Managers determine rental pricing and acquisition information for new video purchases
for inventory, which is purchased from one of several vendors. Data on films—such as cast
and Oscar winners—comes from a subscription service, which provides the information
monthly on CD-ROM. Cash receipts and credit card information are to be forwarded to the
accounting group, which logs accounting information and handles collection of credit card
transaction purchases. HR wants to receive reports on individual sales clerks for sales and
VU’s owner is Sarah Sinema, who has indicated that she will make staff available to you
and your project team if questions arise. Her staff of part-time sales clerks at the main store
includes Sam Surly, Becky Belligerent, and Henry Helpful. Sarah has indicated that you
may consult with any of them throughout the project. The main store also houses her
accountant, Debbie Debit, and her HR director, John Hiram. Sarah has also suggested that
you might want to meet with the weekly film group for ideas about how VU’s new system
might best serve their needs. Video
Universe Manage
Enterprise Rent
Videos Maintain
Accounts Run
HR Management