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Table 1: Copper Gluconate Formula Data
Mass(g) of
Mass (g) of
copper Gluconate wrapper Mass (g) of
wrapper + Cu Mass (g) of
Cu Mass (g) of
gluconate 1g 2.6g 0.1g 0.9g 2.5g (show all work to receive credit)
Moles of Cu recovered 0.1g
Cu=63.546 g/mol
0.1g/63.546 g/mol = 1.5×10-3 mol Moles of Gluconate
0.9 g Gluconate (C12H22O14)
C=12.0107 g/mol X 12= 144.1284 g/mol
H= 1.008 g/mol X 22= 22.176 g/mol
O= 15.999X14=223.986 g/mol
144.1284+22.1760+223.986= 390.29 g/mol
0.9g X 1mol /390.29 g/mol = 2.3×10-3 mol Experimental Chemical Formula Cu(copper) mol Gluconate mol
Cu(0.00113/0.00113) Gluconate 0.00220/0.00133= Cu1 Gluconate2
Formula Cu(c6H11O7)2 Post-lab Questions
1. List two sources of error in the experiment and explain the impact they had on the
results. I feel two sources of error in this experiment are if you are poor at math(which
I am and have spent several hours on this lab). You could also misuse the scsale and
not zero it and thus skew your weights and get poor results. The copper was
extremely hard to handle and I and if you used anything besides the provided stir rod
you can take copper from your solution by it getting on gloves and other things. 2. Using your own lab results, calculate the percent composition for each element in the
compound copper gluconate. Clearly label each element and the percentage. You must
show all work (not just the formula) to receive credit.
Cu 13.9% H 4.9% C 31.8% O 49.4% Science