Please Kindly Help To Solve The Following Organic Chemistry Questions As Soon As Possible

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TO Rank the basic compounds below
1. SnCla, HCC
from shengest ( 1) to weakest (4 ).
2 . Nato2 , H2504
For each compound, indicate the
3 – H zP0 2
hybridization of the nitrogen- Explain
your choices .
1. Br2, CH 3 CO2H
2 . pyridine , heat
(3) Aldose A is optically active,
but treatment with NaBHy goves.
alditol B, which is optically
inactive .
Aldose A undergoes Ruff degradation
2 Predict the product of each of the to give Compound c. When compound
reactions below, showing any interme is treated with NaBig, optically
drates formed.
inactive alditol D is formed –
However, when C undergoes Ruff
1 . NaDCH3 / CH 3OH
degradation, optically active
D – glyceraldehyde is obtained.
Give the structures and names
3 – Hot
of suggers A- D.
4 Outline the synthesis for each
1 . CH2I excess
of the transition’s shown beloud.
2 . Ag20, H20
then HO
from any reagent 5 carbon or