Please Help With These Civil Engineering Questions

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Section A: Assumptions
A quot;bayquot; is the distance between two frames, which is a portion of the structure that is repeated throughout.
See the figure.
Main beams
Edge beams
Main beams span between the concrete core and the external columns or the concrete core and an
edge beam.
The main beams are 14.5m long. The edge beams span between the columns (6.7m long).
The main beams are exactly 14.5m in length and the beam and column spacings – i.e. 2.35m, 3.35m,
4.7m and 6.7m (See figure below) – refer to the distance between their centerlines.
The main beams and edge beams are 530UB92.4. Read the flange width from the chart to draw the
width of the beams.
The columns are 250UC89.5.
The beam spacing dimensions are to the centerline of the beams.Engineering Technology